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Removes VSCs & Biofilm What's the root cause of bad breath? Volatile Sulfur Compounds, and biofilm on the back of your tongue. First, ProFresh Oral Rinse neutralizes the VSCs. Then, the ProFresh Tongue Cleaner removes the biofilm layer where they form. ProFresh also reduces dental plaque, and promotes healthy gums.
Alcohol & Flavor Free Patented ProFresh Rinse, neutralizes tiny particles responsible for bad smelling odors. If we added a flavor, ProFresh would neutralize the flavor too! ProFresh is also alcohol-free. So, it doesn't burn, and won't dry out your mouth. ProFresh isn’t a minty cover-up, it’s a lasting solution for chronic bad breath.
Regain Confidence For over 20 years, ProFresh has helped halitosis sufferers worldwide regain self confidence. ProFresh provides consistent results that you can count on. Using ProFresh just twice-a-day ensures 24-hour protection from halitosis. So, you never have to stress about your breath.
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Not a Cover-Up, A Bad Breath Cure

ProFresh attacks bad breath at its source – your tongue! Science has proven that bad breath and chronic halitosis are caused by bacteria that accumulate in oral biofilm on the back of your tongue. ProFresh is clinically proven 99.9% effective to remove bad breath and halitosis bacteria – eliminating bad breath odor. ProFresh is not a cover-up, it is the most effective bad breath cure available.

How is ProFresh Different? Why is ProFresh a better halitosis cure?

ProFresh Oral Rinse is the only bad breath cure that contains active chlorine dioxide, which eliminates the halitosis bacteria on your tongue. The U.S. Patent awarded to Dr. Jon L. Richter, DMD, PhD, for ProFresh excludes any other halitosis cure from containing a significant amount of chlorine dioxide. ProFresh has helped thousands seeking a bad breath cure, to eliminate halitosis with a simple daily routine.

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ProFresh® Bad Breath Cure
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