Bad Breath Remedies

Common bad breath remedies only mask breath odor. ProFresh stops it at the source.

Are current bad breath remedies effective?

Conventional bad breath remedies including mouthwashes, breath mints and sprays only temporarily mask bad breath odor – they do not address the root cause. Common mouthwashes and similar bad breath remedies are a particularly ineffective means of dealing with chronic bad breath, according to research published in a prominent consumer publication.

ProFresh Oral Rinse Bad Breath RemedyWhy is ProFresh different from other bad breath remedies?

The ProFresh Breath Care System is different from other bad breath remedies because it was developed by Dr. Jon L. Richter, DMD, PhD, from his successful clinical treatment program. It is unique among bad breath remedies because it is the only patented product that contains active Chlorine Dioxide which eliminates odor causing bacteria in the mouth. The U.S. Patent awarded to Dr. Richter excludes all other bad breath remedies from containing any more than 0.0003% of chlorine dioxide (not a significant amount). ProFresh is 99% effective! It is a patented chlorine dioxide rinse that is safe and non-toxic. Unlike many bad breath remedies, ProFresh is non-alcoholic. (Alcohol dries the mouth and can actually contribute to bad breath.)

What about “stabilized chlorine dioxide” bad breath remedies?

Because it is a chemical precursor of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite is also called “stabilized chlorine dioxide” despite the fact that it does not contain chlorine dioxide. Bad breath remedies using “stabilized chlorine dioxide” such as TheraBreath®, Oxyfresh® and CloSYSII®are marketed with claims as though they contain chlorine dioxide although they do not.